TMZ has learned that Adrien Broner has consented to pay off the $1 million debt he incurred in lavish jewelry. According to the report, Broner will be allowed to settle the debt over three convenient installments. News of an impending lawsuit over monies owed broke last year, by the powers vested in seeing Broner relevant outside the ring. 

Pristine Jewelers in the New York City claim Adrien Broner ran a tab of $1.25 million before the checks he posted started bouncing and they cut him off. When they approached him about the payments not clearing, Adrien Broner adamantly refused to look into an alternative solution.

News of the final accord didn't make its way to the press through a roundabout messenger, but thanks to TMZ' insistence on following up the story through legal channels.

Broner made the first of three payments on March 4, the next installment of $500,000 is due by December 31st, 2019, the final one 6 months after that. Interesting to note: it's believed Broner struck the deal on February 15 of this year, after receiving his half of the purse for the Manny Pacquiao fight staged a month prior.

As you'll recall, AB took the L against the 40-year old welterweight via unanimous decision. Broner took in a whopping $2.5 million for his efforts that night. The whole fight card reportedly raked in a total $30 million in PPV revenue, largely off the strength of their main event bout.