Ben Simmons and Kyrie Irving have been the biggest stories in the entire NBA so far this season. Simmons is currently looking to get out of Philadelphia, although some on the Sixers believe he will be back soon as long as he gets his mental health in order. As for Kyrie Irving, he has refused to get the vaccine against COVID-19, which means he is technically not allowed to play in Brooklyn. 

Both situations have led to a lot of speculation, and there are some out there who believe the Sixers should trade Simmons to the Nets for Kyrie Irving. This is a deal that could work wonders for both teams, although there hasn't been any sign of such a deal getting done.

Kyrie Irving & Ben Simmons

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Yesterday, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN gave an update on these players and how their teams are dealing with them. When it comes to the Sixers, they have called almost every team looking for a star player, while the Nets have started to field calls for Kyrie. Perhaps the most interesting thing here is the fact that the Nets are the one team that the Sixers have yet to call. Based on this information, a Kyrie and Simmons deal is not coming anytime soon.

Both of these players have situations that are constantly evolving, so stay tuned to HNHH for all of the latest news and information.