Adrian Wojnarowski found himself in a peculiar situation just a couple of weeks ago when an e-mail he wrote to Missouri Senator Josh Hawley went viral. In the e-mail, Woj simply replied "Fuck You" after Hawley criticized the NBA and ESPN for not speaking out enough in regards to China. ESPN immediately suspended Wojnarowski for the act, but now, he is finally back to work inside of the NBA bubble.

Recently, Woj was interviewed by Andre Marchand from the New York Post, where he spoke out about the suspension. As he noted, he's embarrassed about it all and that for the last two weeks, he has been taking an extended break.

"I'm far more comfortable reporting the news, trying to break the news than being the news. I take pride in always letting the story be the news and letting the league be the news. My action caused me to be the news, and I regret that," Woj said. "I wasn't reporting. I wasn't in a position to report stories or to chase them down. I wasn’t chasing them down. I don't like the feeling of it. I don't ever want to be in that position again. I always want to be somebody that they can count on to be productive. I want to get back to that."

As for his future at ESPN, Woj noted that he still wants to work there and that the feeling is mutual.