Adrian Peterson has been a dominant running back ever since he came into the league and he has shown little to no signs of slowing down. Usually running backs don't last as long as Peterson, so it's hard to believe he's been able to keep it up all these years. Now we know that it's in large part thanks to Brett Favre who played with Peterson in Minnesota.

“You know what it takes,” Peterson told Favre (via The Washington Post). “I had the opportunity to play with you in 2009, and still to this day, I haven’t felt wind go by my ear from any other passer. That was at 40 years old; at practice you threw the ball so hard, wind went by as the receiver was coming by to catch the ball."

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Peterson has expressed that he tries not to let the haters get to him, and hopes to play another three or four years. In the same Washington Post article, Peterson said:

“For me, what keeps me going is just having the love for the game, and not only that, I still can do it, and do it at an extremely high level. Who knows, you know? Maybe I do play five more years, but I think it’s one of those things where I know for sure I’ve got three or four more years left that I would want to play. … I think for me it’ll really come down to the love. Once I start losing love for the game and going through the process, then that right there will make me walk away from it.”

Do you think Peterson has another three years of elite-level football left in him?

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