Heading into the Summer, Adidas is looking to give consumers a plethora of Yeezy colorways to choose from and in just a couple of weekends from now, two new models will be dropping. One of those models is the "Antlia" colorway that is being region-locked to countries within Europe, as well as Russia and Ukraine. It's another one of those lowkey colorways that will look great on-foot but won't be so flashy that people are going to be staring at your footwear.

This model looks a bit like the "butter" Yeezy as it has an overall yellow tint, while the static pattern is placed throughout the shoe. There is a translucent stripe and Boost in the midsole as usual.

If you're looking to cop these and are in the correct area, they will arrive on Saturday, June 22nd and will come in full family sizing. Prices will range between $220 USD for adult sizes, $160 USD for kids sizes, and $140 USD for infant sizes.

Will you be copping these or are they a skip for the time being?