The highly sought after "Zebra" AdidasYeezy Boost 350 V2 restocked earlier this month and one Adidas customer, who actually managed to secure a pair, almost didn't get the kicks at all due to a shady FedEx delivery man.

Reddit user Crumpledpapr explains they were waiting at home for the Yeezys to arrive when a text message notification came in saying the kicks had been delivered. However, the FedEx driver came and went down the block without dropping anything off.

The customer alleges that because of Adidas' transparent shipping methods, which have the style code listed on the outside of the box, the driver knew exactly what sneakers were in the box and was trying to keep them for himself. Or, possibly sell them elsewhere for upwards of $700.

You can read the full description of what allegedly happened below.

"First let me start by saying I'm not trying to worry any body expecting their Zebras just want to share the experience I just had.

I have a FedEx delivery manager account (which I highly recommend) with text message notifications, I just so happened to take the day off and was outside in the front yard when I received a text saying my package was delivered. Now typically I get the message as the FedEx truck comes around the corner or is close by getting ready to deliver but about 2 mins later I see the FedEx ground truck drive by the cross street in front of my block not stopping at all.

Now I assume maybe he left it at the wrong address one block over so I quickly hop in my car to check, nothing there. So I drive down the surrounding blocks looking for the FedEx truck to try and see if I can speak to the driver. I catch up to him about 6-7 blocks away and I get out calmly and approach on the passengers side and simply ask "Hey did you just deliver to (my address)?" He got really nervous and start fumbling with what I guess is his delivery list and say "uh (my address)? Yea I just dropped it off".

I then proceeded to tell him how I was outside and watched him drive passed my block, he responds with "oh I left it on the corner" to which I said "which corner?" He said the corner of my street but on the next block further north. So I ask him if he can retrieve the package for me as 1. I didn't want to walk up to a random house and take a package off of their porch even if it was mine and 2. If he was lying I didn't want to go on a wild goose chase while he disappears.

He says he will and he would drop it off. He pulls away and I follow him as he pulls up on the corner he "left" it at. I pull in front of his truck again and watched as he walked into the back of the truck and exited thru the back with two packages (my Zebras and vitamins for my downstairs neighbor). He did it in such a way where he thought I wouldn't see him but sadly I did. He walked up to my car and handed me the packages saying "I'm glad you caught up to me, it would of sucked if we lost your package especially this one-" And he stopped talking immediately.

I said thanks and drive off. When I got home I proceeded to call FedEx and they advised me he was a diver hired by the owner of that truck, which I assume means he's either a temp worker or brand new. I'm happy I stayed home today but it sucks that I had to chase him down to prevent him stealing my pair. The distribution center gave me their direct number to hold future packages as I see fit.

TLDR; FedEx driver claimed he delivered package, really had it still on truck, had to chase the truck down to get my sneakers."