Kanye West may have ruffled the feathers of his peers with his Donald Trump endorsements, but his working relationships seem to be intact. Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted recently spoke with CNBCand revealed that West's movements outside of the creative realm are not a concern for the company. "We don't sign up to all the statements he makes," Rorsted made clear. "We sign up for all the creative work we jointly do, which has been extremely successful for both parties." Corroborating reports that the Yeezy line is raking in serious cash, Rorseted stated that West's sneakers had a "very strong third quarter."

Rorsted also revealed that he foresees the relationship with West lasting "for years to come" and that there's been "absolutely no slowdown" in sales. "If [West] stays away from politics, that's his choice," Rorsted said, referencing the rapper's recent vow to distance himself from politics to work on music. "We've had a great relationship with him." Yeezy's were rumored to be affected by slow sales due to the fact they weren't selling out as quickly as before. Sources tell TMZ that "product volume was up nearly 10-fold compared to releases in the past," which means West finally delivered on his goal to stop sales shortages (for now).