Adidas continues to pick up momentum within the sneaker community thanks to popular shoes like the UltraBoost, NMD and of course, the Yeezys. As a result, they are seeing more and more resellers showing up to their stores on release day which is something they are apparently trying to combat.

At yesterday's launch of the "Royal" Ace 16 Purecontrol UltraBoost, Adidas employees posted a sign on the doors of the shop which read, "Adidas-Group will not sell product to any person who Adidas believes intends to resell merchandise."

Andre, a reseller who runs @solestreetsneakerco, posted a photo of the full letter that was taped to their doors on his IG account, but said the employees at Adidas' 5th Ave flagship in NYC didn't do anything to stop him, or any of the other resellers, from doing what they do.

Per Sole Collector

"They didn't actually enforce it at all. There were people there who I know they knew were resellers. There were people there who I know were there to resell and [Adidas] didn't actually stop anybody."

"I know that companies don't wanna admit to the fact that they like reselling. They don't wanna admit to the fact that the higher-ups at the companies get their jollies when they see their sneakers selling for four times the value at Flight Club, but they do. Everybody knows they do."

Check out Adidas' feeble attempt to quell the growing number of resellers below.

Is this even legal 😭🤔😭🤔😭🤔 ... yo @adidasoriginals the resell market helped create the hype for your entire catalogue ! If resell prices weren't so high on the first Yeezys you wouldn't have went so far to acquire him, the fans and notoriety Kanye brought is why the entire line is as successful as it is. So save it please. All these company's hate resellers allegedly but funny how every hot sneaker that has nothing to do with New York will always release in New York, know why ? ..... cause we have flightclub and we control the majority of the resell values. They want there product selling for crazy on the after market there is no better look for the shoe ! #SOLESTREET #SOLESTREETSNEAKERCO #adidas #thebrandwiththethreestripes #nmd #adidasnmd #adidasoriginals #nmds #nmdr1 #nmdrunner #threestripes #boostvibes #adidasboost #ultraboost #ultraboostuncaged #uncaged #yeezy #yeezyboost

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