Kanye West's design studio in Calabasas, California became the subject of an investigation following a workplace accident involving an employee who allegedly dropped a 3D printer on his foot. The process the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health headed by has given rise to additional findings.

A report claims the accident resulted "sustained crush injuries" on the worker's left hand and foot. According to the documentation, the incident occurred when two employees sought to relocate a sole press machine, previously reported as a 3D printer, with the use of a pallet truck. The truck and sole press ultimately tipped over while in use, falling on one of the men. 

The investigation acknowledged that the actions leading up to these injuries went against manufacturer precautions as the truck was being used on an inclined surface. It ruled against the employer, who failed to train their employees appropriately and offer proper training to ensure the safe use of equipment.

Considering the findings of the investigation, the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health has suggested financial consequences for the employers in question, two fines against Adidas America totaling $45,000. This penalty would be palatable in comparison to the "$129,000 in fines per violation" the company was facing according to previous reports.

Adidas has yet to comment on the matter.