Last night, XXXTentacion was awarded at the American Music Awards, winning "Favorite Soul/R&B Album." His mother, Cleopatra Bernard, accepted the prize on his behalf, thanking his fans for voting so frequently. Bernard has been publically active since her son's passing, working hard to keep his memory alive by establishing foundations in his name and continuing the work that X was devoted to in the months before his murder. A few days ago, XXX's name was in the news as Vic Mensa reportedly dissed him during a BET Awards cypher. Many have spoken out about the incident and the latest is hip-hop commentator, interviewer, and podcaster, Adam22.

The No Jumper personality took to Instagram to hurl his own insults towards Vic Mensa, reprimanding him for dissing the late artist. "I can't believe I just got to say it one more time," he said. "Vic Mensa, what the fuck is wrong with you for insulting our boy in front of his beautiful mother? That is the craziest shit ever. You're never gonna win an award. Your music will never mean anything to anybody on the level that X's did. You can never even get to 1% of what he accomplished in his life, I just wanna remind the world that you're a piece of shit."

Adam was close with XXX, interviewing him several times for his podcast. Obviously, the host feels as strongly as most did about the diss, believing it was inappropriate and uncalled for. Peep his full comments below.