Those watching the No Jumper live stream over the weekend likely noticed something a little out of the ordinary. As Adam22 was addressing his audience, somebody came into the room and immediately threatened the host with a gun. As always, the podcast was being live streamed for a wide group so it was all caught on video, leading some to initially believe it was a prank. However, judging from the way Adam reacted and his later posts on social media, this appears to have been the real deal.

A man enters the room and puts a gun straight in Adam's face, asking him if he "wants to die today." The internet personality lets out some nervous sounds before managing to wrestle himself away. From that point on, it appears as though somebody in the background gets the gunman on the ground, with the camera picking up audio of a verbal scolding.

After a few moments, Adam22 returns to his set-up, informing the crowd that they're going to have to "come back soon" after what just happened. He then asks why the man didn't shoot, saying that he's on the ground "out cold." After all the commotion, it appears that the police were called, taking care of the situation at No Jumper's studios. Thankfully, Adam22 and his team are alright. Watch the video below.