Meek Mill has an album coming out. A "surprise" one, in his own words. For all we know, it could appear at any given moment. In truth, the game could use more Meek, especially after losing him to a lopsided judicial saga that bordered on farcical. Yet the incarceration and subsequent hype helped keep Meek's name buzzing, and now, all manner of featured guests may be lining up for a feature. 

We've already seen Meek and Drake bury the hatchet, prompting collaboration speculation. Now, Adam22 has confirmed that Cardi B and Meek have recorded a song together. Aside from sharing confirmation of his existence, he largely remains mum's the word. Still, the man has connections in the game, and his claims likely hold water. 

While hardly a tenuous connection, many have spied similarities between Meek Mill's defining "Dreams And Nightmares," and Cardi B's introductory "Get Up 10." In that regard, there is indeed a shared musical sensibility, that stretches beyond what some might dub "the elephant in the room." In any case, a business ripe with politicking is destined to cause rumblings, and alliances such as this will no doubt have phones buzzing. Adam22 doesn't exactly give any inclination toward sharing a release date, but it wouldn't be surprising to see this one pop up on Meek's "surprise album."