So many young rappers who have been riding their waves over the last couple of years have found themselves on the wrong side of the law in 2019. Kodak Black is currently behind bars in Florida, former SOB x RBE rapper Lul-G is facing 25 to life for first-degree murder, NBA YoungBoy is reportedly on probation on charges that he assaulted his ex-girlfriend, YNW Melly is in jail accused of murdering two of his friends, and Tay-K was recently sentenced to 55 years in prison for murder and robbery.

No Jumper's Adam22 talked about the latter case with VladTV as they discussed artists who have run-ins with the law. Adam revealed that in the early days of Tay-K's legal issues as the young rapper was locked up, a conversation he had with Adam got him sequestered to solitary confinement. "I did like a ten-minute interview with him on the phone in prison," Adam said. "The only really unfortunate thing about that is that—well, so, his management was there. His management lined up the Tay K, Blocboy [JB] song, his management lined up the phone interview 'cause we did the phone interview roughly the time the song came out just to sort of promote it. His management said, 'We want to review the interview before we put it out.'"

Adam didn't have a problem with that. "They review it, they hit me back, they say yeah it's fine.  You can put it out," he said, noting that there was a small remark they wanted him to take out because it could have implicated one of his managers for harboring a fugitive. "The interview comes out [and] Tay-K gets thrown in solitary a couple days later because in the interview—and I didn't even think about because in my head the impetus is off me to remove anything from the interview because the management said they were gonna remove it. The management did not ask me to remove the part where we talked about him having an iPad. So, then he gets in solitary, all kinds of additional charges and sh*t because he had a f*ckin' iPad and he's just in jail using the iPad."

The No Jumper host said he questioned if "there were adults in the room" who were truly paying attention to the interview because no one recognized that this would be a problem. Because he was just conducting an interview and not looking for those sorts of troublesome inclusions, Adam claimed he didn't think of removing it himself. "It didn't really register to me that he had just said that," Adam stated. "It's all water under the bridge because he's doing however many decades in jail that has nothing to do with that, but that did happen." Watch his clip below.