For some reason, Russ thought it would be a good idea to speak about how he had sent goons to go after Adam22, host of the No Jumper podcast. While his honesty is appreciated, it's probably not the smartest thing to admit to considering the laws surrounding assault and other forms of violence. Russ has been a controversial figure in hip-hop for a minute after making comments about the glorification of drugs in the culture. Although he certainly meant well, people took issue with his stance as addiction can be an extremely difficult thing to work through. Russ has spoken about when he sent his men to snuff out Adam22 in January and now the podcast host is discussing it in his own radio interview.

It's not often that the interviewer becomes the subject of interest but that's exactly what's happening to Adam right now. Between talk about his No Jumper record label and his final conversation with XXXTentacion, the internet personality gave more details on the attack that Russ had ordered. He spoke on if he plans to sue Russ for the attack, noting that he's never carried out a lawsuit and he doesn't feel like starting now. Considering he was only punched once with virtually no damages, he said that it could have been much worse. "They should have packed me out," said Adam22. "I should have been stomped out, I should have got my teeth kicked in, I should have got shot. You know, all kinds of stuff." The podcaster was getting a manicure at the time and he said that the estheticians were scared for their lives during the incident.

Adam admits that he has personal knowledge of Russ sending out goons to beat up other people and that he and Smokepurpp may not be alone. He's since squashed his beef with Russ and he plans to someday listen to his music. Watch the full interview below.