It seems like everyone on OT Genasis' side has been trying to do some damage control ever since that clip on the No Jumper channel went viral. The rapper went into a drunken frenzy, as he sat alongside A.D., Yassy, and Gaia, after one of the co-hosts referred to him as "baby boy." He went on to remind them of his "superstar" status, his inability to miss, and how he's rich.

Adam22 recently sat down with VladTV where he offered his take on the situation. He explained that there was a lot of liquor floating around on set, which may have been a contributing factor. "It was pretty intense to be sitting at home on the couch watching," Adam said. "It's like, you're O.T. Genasis. We all know you have huge records. If you didn't have a lot of money, that would be unfortunate. We all assumed that about you so I felt kind of confused like why he was going in that direction," he continued. "I don't usually podcast drunk. They were drinking a lot during that interview."

Later on, Adam22 explained that someone involved in the podcast had apparently requested for the interview to be scrubbed. Though it was initially removed, at the time of publishing this article, it has since been made public on the No Jumper YouTube channel. Adam explained that he essentially thought it was useless to even take it down, especially since the clip was already circulating. The No Jumper founder explained that he believed it would be more beneficial to OT Genasis, his label, and everyone involved to have access to a broader context of the exchange rather than a one-minute clip. Check the interview below.