There's plenty of trolling going on online but rarely do people find themselves facing physical assaults over insulting remarks. In a "When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong" moment, No Jumper's Adam22 shared with VladTV that his comments about Russ landed him in hot water with strangers who gave him a light beatdown at the alleged direction of the rapper.

Adam22 said he believed he was having some sort of memorial-type event for late artist Lil Peep at the time. He had some time to kill so he decided to get himself a quick manicure, a luxury that he sometimes indulges in. He said he went a few doors down to a nail salon and had his hoodie up because he didn't want anyone to recognize him or see him at the shop.

"At one point, I just hear, 'Adam22?' I turn like this and I just get clocked on the side of the head," he recalled. "I think I got hit like, one more time on the top of the head. 'Cause soon as I got hit in the head, I fell out of the chair and before I could get up, I get hit on the top of the head one more time. And I look up, and those dudes are already out. They're already running out of the door. I was so confused, 'cause it's a lot of different ways that this kinda makes sense to me. Normally when something like that happens, it's somebody filming."

He said he asked the women at the shop if someone was recording, but they said no. Adam22 wanted to check out their security tape, but they told him that their cameras didn't work. It was only later that he learned who the culprit was. "[Russ] was on stream with Akademiks and he's talkin' about the fact that he had his dudes beat up [Smokepurpp] and maybe some other people," Adam22 said. "Basically he had his goons running down on people. He said to Akademiks, 'Yeah, that dude Adam22 got it, too.' The call was f*cked up. You couldn't really hear Russ sayin' it, but then Akademiks text me right away."

The only people who knew about the attack were a handful of Adam22's friends, including Akademiks. Adam22 said he just decided to put it all out online and went back and forth with Russ about it, who admitted his involvement, but they later "had a call about and ended up squashing it through Bootleg Kev."

Adam22 admitted that he'd been trolling Russ for quite some time and saying things that could have incited ire. He said he would never do that again, but he still called Russ "corny" in the process. Watch him share his story below.