With fans making their way back to NBA arenas, there has been an uptick in incidents involving the fans and the players. Of course, the players have done nothing wrong here. Instead, it is the fans who are acting as though they are simply invincible. Wednesday night was a prime example of this as Russell Westbrook had food spilled on him all while Trae Young was spat on. It was a truly disgusting display by some of the league's fans, and now, the league is looking to take action.

During a recent interview on the matter, NBA commissioner Adam Silver spoke about what could happen if fans continue to exhibit these behaviors. Needless to say, the league is not messing around and they are ready to ban people for life.

Adam Silver

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

“Zero tolerance,” Silver said per NBC Sports. “No one is going to get away with an act like that. You’re going to be caught. You’re going to be banned from an arena. In some cases there may be criminal prosecution depending if the conduct rises to that level of an assault or something that the police are going to take note of.”

Hopefully, the fans begin to behave moving forward especially considering the possible punishments. At the end of the day, the league needs to protect the players otherwise things can get out of hand fast.