Protests continue to rage on throughout the United States following the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There have been numerous statements made by high profile athletes and now, NBA commissioner Adam Silver is making a statement of his own.

The vast majority of NBA players are black and Adam Silver understands that it is up to the league to support their players and become allies during this time. In an internal memo sent to each individual team, Silver urged staff to reflect on what's happening while also listening to those who have to face injustice on a daily basis.

“This moment also requires greater introspection from those of us, including me, who may never know the full pain and fear many of our colleagues and players experience every day,” Silver wrote. “We have to reach out, listen to each other and work together to be part of the solution. And as an organization, we need to do everything in our power to make a meaningful difference. Even in this sad and difficult time, I know we can.”

Silver acknowledges that many NBA players have had negative run-ins with police and the commissioner is hoping for real changes to be made. When the NBA eventually comes back, we will surely see the players come together in solidarity in light of what has happened.