Over the last two years, the Golden State Warriors have refused to visit the White House due to the fact that they are big denouncers of President Donald Trump. The Warriors won the title in 2017 and 2018 and have no interest in visiting with the Commander In Chief anytime soon. Over the past couple of years, numerous athletes have skipped out on the ceremonial Champions trip to the White House and typically, players are applauded for their stance.

TMZ recently caught up with NBA commissioner Adam Silver where they asked whether or not the league will start forcing teams to go. Instead, Silver says the league supports whatever the teams decide to do.

"It's a team decision, we'll see who the champion is this year, and what they decide," Silver explained.

The commissioner also spoke about how teams were happier to visit former president Barack Obama and how he continues to work with the NBA on various projects.

"A lot of our players still have relationships with President Obama and I think it's wonderful," Silver said. "Players make their own decisions, organizations make their own decisions. President Obama is doing a lot with the NBA. We announced down in Charlotte at the All-Star game that he was gonna be involved in Africa with us, we're starting a league down there. He's one of our partners."

Now that Silver has made his stance clear, we're curious as to what President Trump has to say about all of this.