Details surrounding Adam "Pacman" Jones' arrest at an Indiana casino are being uncovered, including video footage of when the football player was taken into custody. Reports state that on February 27, Jones was gambling at the Rising Star Casino Resort when he was accused of cheating at a table game. TMZ reported that officials made claims that Jones cursed at them, threatened to kill them, and was out of control, but Jones hopes that the footage taken by his wife will help to clear his name.

On the tape, viewers can see (and hear) that Jones is upset, but nothing at that time indicates he was being violent. He repeatedly asks officers to take the handcuffs off and verbally denies accusations that he was cheating. The former Cincinnati Bengals star is accused of adding chips to his stack after knowing the outcomes of the games. 

You can hear Jones call one of the two arresting officers on the scene a "b***h ass n***a," while his wife also says that Jones wouldn't have a reason to cheat, considering that the couple spent $20,000 at the casino that evening. Peter Schaffer, Jones' agent, told TMZ "Adam was very controlled. We think the authorities overreacted, they love the attention...Adam showed great restraint."

Jones was officially arrested and booked at a nearby police station. He's facing eight criminal charges, including public intoxication and resisting law enforcement, but has reportedly pleaded not guilty. Police also stated that during his arrest, Jones attempted to flee the scene before being restrained by officers.