Adam Gase has faced a ton of criticism as the head coach of the New York Jets. Last week, some reporters did some digging and found a burner account that was defending Gase's every move. As is the case with burner accounts, fans have been flocking to it just to see what Gase was coming up with next. Now, it appears as though a huge plot twist has broken through. Thanks to some digging from @KFCBarstool, it appears as though New York Jets beat reporter Manish Mehta might be behind the whole thing.

This breakthrough was revealed when the burner account tweeted out Mehta's article and then immediately deleted it. Not to mention, Mehta has been incredibly critical of Gase and even asked him that Le'Veon Bell question from yesterday. When accounts started suspecting Mehta as the culprit, the burner account started blocking people and eventually closed the account for good.

Perhaps Gase was so dismissive of the Bell question because it was asked by a reporter he doesn't like. Mehta has a reputation of being a controversial reporter who seldom gets things accurate. If he is, indeed, behind this burner account, there could be some serious consequences at play.

Either way, this situation doesn't bode well for anyone involved.