Russ keeps making it hard for his naysayers to like him. Although some people might not be on the "F*ck Russ" train, recent revelations about the rapper might cause them to hop right onto the hate-filled bandwaggon.

Adam 22, a podcast host and media figure in music, called out Russ on Twitter. According to him, the Zoo artist sent a crew over to jump him. 

Russ sent 3 big ass dudes to my store to jump me like 6 months ago. They waited around all day til I went to get a manicure and I was alone. Dude punched me once and ran. I didn’t even know who it was from until Russ bragged about it on AK’s stream. That ain’t tough @russdiemon.”

The flimsy beat down is said to have been prompted by a tweet. Adam 22 had posted a poll asking his following if they would rather have their children mess with Russ or Xanax. Unsurprisingly, people voted in favor of Xanax.

"It was all bc of this tweet too. Like bro wtf is wrong with you. I’m a member of the press! I would beat your 5’5” ass and I’m not even on that tough guy shit. Congrats you got 2 people beat up and threw 0 punches yourself"

Russ seemed unbothered in his response.

"Nahh it was cuz ALL your tweets aka a grown ass almost 40 year old man constantly talkin shit to someone who he’s never met or talked to, till now lol if you think there’s no consequences or reciprocation of energy for constantly spewing negativity towards someone then 🤷🏽‍♂️"