Hollywood is a microcosm of society. And every now and then, we bear witness to conversations between famous individuals with large platforms on relevant issues affecting us all. Politics and issues of the world commonly found their way into the public discourse and the concept of "white privilege" remains one of the many topics discussed. That is especially in the age of Black Lives Matter and the ongoing resistance against systems of oppression still operating to the detriment of minority groups. 

Recently, famous actress Charlize Theron offered insight into her stance on white privilege. Her comments were made during a conversation with David Oyelowo at an annual fundraiser to support educational and health initiatives for Nigerian children. Theron offered her outlook on the topic and admitted: "I obviously am a white person who benefited from my white privilege."  She also spoke on growing up in South Africa during the Apartheid era and how the latter shaped her views of the world. "I grew up during the Apartheid era, I benefited from it. These children [today] were all born post-Apartheid era. I feel like it’s my duty to not let them forget and to also let them know that there is [unity], that I am with them, that we are all standing together."