The conversation surrounding Alec Baldwin's accidental shooting and killing of award-winning filmmaker Halyna Hutchins on the set of Baldwin's film, Rust, has been convoluted and has raised a handful of red flags and questions. 

From right-wingers Donald Trump Jr. and Candace Owens shedding light on the situation, referring to the tragedy as "poetic justice," and selling t-shirts mocking Baldwin (Baldwin made fun of Trump's father, Donald Trump, and Owens' guiding light on Saturday Night Love on multiple occasions), to Hutchins' father assuring that Baldwin was not responsible for his daughter's death, the narrative surrounding the shooting has spiraled into yet another pawn in a twisted political game. 

Sam Wasson/Getty Images

The real, most important conversation, however, has focused on lack of gun safety on Baldwin's set.

Multiple crew members have spoken out about unsafe set conditions, and in a recent interview with TMZRust actor Ian A. Hudson painted a stark picture of how guns were handled on set. 

Hudson, who plays an outlaw in the film, described the terrifying shootout scene in which his character was ultimately killed. 

Hudson told TMZ that, "that there were 20 pistols and 2 rifles that were unloading blanks, and the only protection against a mishap was some sort of shield around the camera." 

Continuing on to explain that cameras were more protected against a gun mishap than the actors on set were, Hudson said "the scene was 'life-threatening,' because real weapons were being pointed at him and blanks discharged, creating a rush of air that struck him multiple times." 

The actor also gave some specifics on Baldwin's handling of guns on set. 

According to TMZ, Hudson said, "the other, more experienced actors checked their weapons 2 or 3 times after they received them from the armorer, and it didn't matter whether they were told the gun was 'cold' or 'hot,'" but that "Baldwin did not check the weapon, but rather relied on the assistant director who assured him the gun was 'cold.'"

According to reports, Baldwin was unknowingly using a firearm loaded with live rounds, instead of blanks, when he shot and killed Hutchins. 

Hudson also told TMZ that members of Rust's cast and crew had referenced the death of Brandon Lee, who was shot and killed while filming The Crow in 1993, in describing the unsafe set conditions prior to Hutchins' death. 

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