The time of Trump is nigh. So what else is one to do but get really, really high to distance yourself from reality? That actually isn’t why the pro-cannabis activist group DCMJ is giving out 4,200 joints on Inauguration Day (although we still think it’s a good strategy). Instead, the group is organizing a massive “smoke in” at exactly four minutes and twenty seconds into Donald Trump’s speech. Their goal is to get the new president to commit to federal legalization of marijuana.

According to a conversation Mashable had with DCMJ’s co-founder Nikolas Schiller, the group doesn’t consider this a protest of the Trump presidency. Instead, it’s “about raising awareness about cannabis reform and getting Trump to support the full legalization of cannabis throughout the United States.” Trump was all over the place with his stance on marijuana, but has recently fallen on the “anti” side of things.

Schiller only expects a few hundred people to join in the protest, which means those people would have to smoke over 10 joints per person to get through the whole 4,200. That’s a lot. It would be surprising to see so few people come out for literal free weed. 

Marijuana is technically legal in Washington DC, but anyone smoking in public still runs the risk of getting arrested. No matter what happens, Inauguration Day is going to smell dank as hell. RSVP to DCMJ's event here.