More bad news befalls Reality TV star Donald Trump, as it's been reported his star on Hollywood's Walk Of Fame has been destroyed by a man named James Otis, an activist rallying against sexual assault. According to TMZ, he destroyed Trump's star with a pickax, dressing up as a construction worker to avoid suspicion. This was all caught on tape.

James Otis has freely come forward to admit his action, releasing a video of his confession to the press. He claims that he is going to auction off Trump's star to the public, and donate the proceeds equally among the women who have allegedly been sexually assaulted by the Donald. Donald Trump has called the slew of accusations a smear campaign against him, and has promised he would sue the women who have accused him thus far.

It has been reported that James Otis could receive up to three years in prison for destroying Trump's star. Check out his online confession video below.