Action Bronson has burst back onto the rap scene after a period of relative silence with a new video and the promise of a forthcoming album, Blue Chips 7000, that drops later on this month. As part of his promotional blitz to promote his new project, Bronson stopped by Reddit to answer questions in a funny and often insightful AMA.

Of course, the big question was whether or not he actually threw that ACC title game. Bronson choose to remain non-committal in his answer.

Another user asked the rapper is there's going to be any more episodes of Action Bronson Watches Ancient Aliens.

Still another fan, who referred to himself as a "fat single guy," turned up for some dating advice and got some constructive advice from Bronson.

The rapper also addressed why it's taken so long for Blue Chips 7000 to make its way to the public's ears. Apparently, it's not all just record company f**kery.

Finally, he also revealed the truth behind his famous "rapping inside a Porta Potty" incident.