We just reported on how Action Bronson left some Norwegian fans in the lurch, when he mysteriously left stage mid-performance and never returned-- the promoters later stated it was due to "medical reasons." While we have no further clarification on what went down there, we do have good news for the Bronsolino fans. After a successful debut effort, Mr. Wonderful, the New York rapper is back to work at album #2.

Taking to twitter early this morning/late last night, Bronson excitedly teased fans by writing, "Now it's back to work. FUCK, THATS DELICIOUS AND NEW ALBUM COMING!!!!!"

He didn't say more than that concerning his sophomore effort. As you may know, Bronson's hilarious and hunger-inducing "Fuck That's Delicious" is coming to cable TV.

We'll keep you posted as Bronson works on his second album.