Action Bronson has been known to keep things unconventional when it comes to sampling, and one of the styles he's been able to make work for him is salsa. Unfortunately, one of his sample sources, a groupd called El Gran Combo de Puerto Rica, is suing him over his use of their music on two songs.

"Mofongo" and "Tapas" each appear on mixtapes, which you would think would make them fair game, but now that Bronson's 2011 project, Bon Appetit... Bitch, has made its way on to various streaming services, including Apple Music and Spotify, things are now a bit more complicated.

Still, "Tapas" appears on Bronson's beloved collaboration with Party Supplies, Blue Chips, which as far as we know is still only available for free. 

Whether or not he's pocketing cash directly from the songs, the group believes they have made him some money, and are seeking compensation for the samples.

Take a listen to the original song and sampled version "Mofango" below.