Action Bronson has been so prolific over the last few years, it's easy to forget that he hasn't actually put out a proper full length since signing with Vice/Atlantic. Mr. Wonderful will fill that spot, and while the New York rapper has been tossing around the title for some time, he finally gave us some details on the release last week.

Taking to Twitter, Bronsolino announced that the record would be available in "early 2015", but didn't give a specific date. He also mentioned that the album will begin with him doing an acoustic rendition of Ginuwine's R&B classic, "In Those Jeans", which could be a complete joke or a very real thing -- neither of which would surprise us.

When releasing the excellent Blue Chips 2, Bronson revealed that the project would be released "The first day it rains in November". No word on how weather conditions will play into the release of Mr. Wonderful.

Check out Action's tweets below.