Action Bronson has been known to troll us in the past. Last August, the rapper announced an album title (Romanian Waitresses), which he later clarified was a joke following its circulation onto rap blogs across the web.

Last night he announced his album title (yet again), and hopefully this time he's not joking. Taking Twitter again, Bronsolino revealed that he's calling his LP Mr. Wonderful, because that is the only term that accurately describes him. This will be Bronson's first studio LP since signing to Vice/Atlantic, although he did release the album Dr. Lecter independently in 2011.

The New York native recently caught some publicity when he punched a fan off the stage in North Carolina, although if you follow Bronson's tour shenanigans, you'll know this is nothing new from the rapper. He consistently body slams people who attempt to come onto his stage.

We'll update you on Mr. Wonderful as information becomes available.