Action Bronson said on Twitter recently that he'd drop Blue Chips 2 on the first day it rains in November-- and although Action is often joking and talking shit on Twitter, he may be really serious about that, because today he revealed the tracklist for Blue Chips 2.

Blue Chips 2 is the second project that the New York native did with producer Party Supplies. Action took to Twitter to post the tracklist, which has 19 tracks and appearances from Ab-Soul, Mac Miller, Meyhem Lauren and more.

Peep the full tracklist in the gallery above.

[Update: Release Date Revealed]

The initial release date for Blue Chips 2 was "the first day it rains in November". A few weeks later, Action announced that "no matter what," the project would be out by November 5th. It seems that Bronsolino is anxious to get his new tape out as soon as possible, as he's now announced a proper release date for BC2, which will now drop on the first of November.

No need to pray for rain tonight. View Action's tweet below.