Action Bronson is one of the most talented rappers to have ever come out of New York. The multi-faceted artist has also established himself as an author, a chef, a television host, and more. With some extra downtime in these last two months because of the virus, Action Bronson decided that he wanted to get healthy, making active choices with his diet and exercise pattern to get to where he wants to be.

Bam Bam was on air with TMZ when he spoke about the weight he has lost since the quarantine started. 

Action Bronson weight
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"Me, myself, I lost 50 pounds just now. I mean, I’m still fat, which shows you I still need to lose another 60," laughed the rapper. "I mean, I’ve been working out crazy, I’ve been eating really good, I’ve been juicing."

He has still been cooking three-to-four meals per day for his wife but he's making sure he's using this time to get right.

Unfortunately, Action Bronson also says that he has lost a lot of money since this began, blaming his canceled tours for much of his income loss. 

Bronsolino didn't give too much of a show, but he did note that he's still got a long way to go so there's that.

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Good job on starting off strong!