Out of all the celebrities who have mourned the passing of Anthony Bourdain, Action Bronson might be the one who has most closely followed his career path. Both began as chefs in restaurants before making it big in another industry; Bronson as a rapper and Bourdain as a writer. Both of them proceeded to leverage that fame into television series about travelling the world and eating delicious food. 

Despite their parallels, it doesn't seem like the two of them crossed paths too often. However, the one time they did encounter each other was very special.

In an interview with XXL, Bronson recalls the experience, and what Bourdain meant to him. "We met each other at the Knick game," Bronson explains. "Me, him and Rakim were all sitting next to each other. I was with my son, Ra was with his son and I think Bourdain was with his nephew, I’m not sure, but that day was legendary for me."

"That man was a legend. He made everybody want to get out there, travel the world and see it in a different view," Bronson said. "I bonded with my mother over his shows. Me and my mom used to watch those and that would be our time hanging out. Just chilling, watching him and hoping one day to be in the places he was at."

Funnily enough, this isn't the only connection the two of them have, as a pre-fame Bronson once appeared on Bourdain's show The Layover, to give a speech about getting high to go cheese shopping.

Action also provides updates on his new cookbook, Stoned Beyond Belief, which will drop next year, and his White Bronco mixtape, which will be dropping in a couple of months.