Since the beginning of the pandemic, rapper Action Bronson has made it a point to share his fitness goals with the world. The former chef has historically struggled with his weight, revealing that he was at his heaviest when he was about 400 pounds. The 37-year-old has lost 125 pounds already and it doesn't look like his mission to get fit is stopping any time soon.

Keeping his fans updated with his workout regimen and his body transformation, the rapper recently shared a picture where his weight loss is arguably the most apparent. Sitting down on a chair, Bronson looked straight into the camera for the new picture, in which he looks pretty svelte. You can see that he's been putting in a lot of effort, both in his diet and the gym. He looks muscular, strong, and healthy. Everyone in the comments is letting him know that he should be proud of himself for making such an important change in his life.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

In December 2020, Action Bronson explained why he decided to shed the weight. "This journey started way long ago. I was born heavy. I was a heavy child. This transformation was long overdue," he said. "There was a lot of shit like prediabetes, eczema, asthma, all kinds of f*cking dumb stuff that I had given myself. If I made something that was a big, round dish, I would eat the big, round dish. I wouldn’t just have one piece."

Take a look at Action Bronson's transformation below.