Looks like Action Bronson is living up to the Bronsolinio name. The rapper turned celebrity chef has been known for his larger-than-life personality, outlandish sense of humor, and hilarious lyrical gallows humor. And while he currently busy enjoying the life of a VICE television host, Action has taken some time to lend his talents to Martin Scorsese's upcoming Netflix original, The Irishman. The film stars Robert De Niro as the titular role, playing Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran, a mob hitman allegedly involved in the death of Jimmy Hoffa. In the film, Hoffa will be portrayed by Al Pacino, marking another reunion for the Godfather legends. To make it even more complete, Joe Pesci will also lend his talents to the upcoming film.

As of now, it's unclear who Action will be playing, but it's not an entirely crazy casting decision. Bronson could be right at home playing a gangster, with either a threatening edge or some comedic flair. About a week ago, BamBam Baklava happened to share a picture on his IG page of himself, Martin Scorsese, and Robert DeNiro; a bucket list item no doubt checked off. Billboard has since confirmed that Bronson will be indeed acting in the film.

That's not the only bit of acting on Bronson's horizon. The Blue Chips 7000 emcee will also be appearing in the Workaholics Netflix Original Comedy Game Over, Man! For more on Bronsolino's latest moves as they develop, stay tuned.