Action Bronson has been exploring various parts of the world for his food-oriented show "Fuck That's Delicious," which he's taking to the next level thanks to a slot on TV. He's been documenting what he's been eating and where he's been traveling on his Instagram. After visiting Paris, Amsterdam and Copenhagen, he landed in Alaska where, in the past two days, we've seen him feast on raw bowhead whale, beluga whale and blubber, caribou stew, among other dishes. We're not sure what happened in between all the eating, but something's gone awry, and Bronsolino is currently in the hospital.

Bam Bam says he had to have to "emergency surgery" while out in Alaska, although he didn't reveal the reason for this surgery, so we're unsure if it'd food-related. "Well this Alaska trip turned into me having emergency surgery," he wrote on his most recent Instagram picture, which shows him lying in a hospital bed wearing a hospital gown.

Take a look at the post below. Once we find out more details, we'll update you. We're wishing Bronson a speedy recovery!