Weeks after being removed from the George Washington University spring fling concert, Action Bronson has been taken off the bill for Trinity College's Spring Weekend on April 30th following student uproar.

Following a student petition to remove Bronson from the bill, Trinity College's entertainment programming committee announced their decision to drop the rapper in a statement: As both students and student leaders, we fully agree that it is not only certain songs by Action Bronson that go against the school’s mission. The very act of bringing him to this campus runs counter to the College’s obligation to protect the emotional and physical safety of its students."

The statement explained that the committee has intended to drop Bronson ever since the GW decision "because of his lyrics, music, videos, and the misogyny, homophobia, and transphobia that they promote" but had been unable to do so due to stipulations in the contract. In order to rid themselves of Action Bronson, they added "a legal addendum" that forbade Bronson, whom they refer to as "an explicitly unconscious rapper," from "performing any songs that went against the College's mission."

Read the committee's full statement here.

Action Bronson has yet to respond. Following the GW decision, he took to Facebook to apologize for lyrics that may have been construed as misogynist or transphobic: "I’m far, far from perfect and I recognize my flaws and I’m making an effort to grow and be a better human."