Action Bronson seems to enjoy doing one-producer projects. Lately he's been busy touring in support of his recent EP with Harry Fraud, Saaab Stories, prior to that he dropped Rare Chandeliers which was produced entirely by The Alchemist, and he's also done Blue Chips with producer Party Supplies. He's not calling it quits just yet, in a new interview he revealed Blue Chips 2 should arrive by the end of the summer, and that yet another collaborative effort with The Alchemist is in the works.

Talking to NahRight, the New York native spoke on Blue Chips 2, confirming it's next up. "Blue Chips 2 is 100 percent next. I’m not really sure when, but I’m thinking end of August, September. But probably closer to September for it to drop. I’m probably gonna do another video for Saaab Stories, then drop this Blue Chips 2 shit. Then drop the actual ‘album’ album at the top of next year that’s going to be on a major fucking record label," Action said.

He continued to talk about his pattern of working with one producer, revealing he has another project with The Alchemist. "I was bullshitting [when I told Whoo Kid I was done with one producer projects]. I have another one coming with Alchemist, too," Action revealed. "Obviously I’m gonna do them. I love these guys, I could never not work with them. Alchemist, we already have another project to put out. Me and Party Supplies had another project to put out right after Blue Chips came out."

He added, "I’m very excited about it. I’m excited about all projects, but [the] Blue Chips [series] is definitely one of my favorite things to do. It’s actually what kind of popped me off."

Check out the full interview here, where Action discusses touring overseas, performing, Saaab Stories, what he packs in his suitcase, and more.

[Update: "Release Date" Revealed]

Action has revealed the day in which Blue Chips 2 will be released, though there are some variables to take into account. The rapper tweeted today that the project will drop "The First Day it rains in NOVEMBER." Pray for rain y'all.

Check out his tweets below.

[Update: Action Narrows Down Release Date]

After announcing that his new mixtape would drop the first day it rained in November, Action Bronson seems to have considered the possibility of a drought or early snowfall, and decided to let go of his new project within the first 5 days of November, regardless of precipitation.

Praying for rain is still encouraged. View Bronsolino's tweet announcing the change in plans below.