Action Bronson wears many hats. Rapper. Chef. Media personality. Watcher of television. And of course, published author. Last year, Bronsolino dropped off the delightfully on-brand Fuck, That's Delicious, which landed on the New York Times bestsellers list. Now, it appears he's picking up where he left off, continuing his foray into the literary scene with his second book Stoned Beyond Belief. 

Given his unparalleled authority on the topic, Bronson has made sure to curate, as per an official press release "a Comprehensive Guide to Properly Enjoying Everybody's Favorite Plant." The book borrows elements from its predecessor, blending a mix of recipes and hilarious persona anecdotes. With a target demographic of both Bronson fans and weed connoisseurs, Stoned Beyond Belief looks to make a worthwhile compendium to anyone even remotely interested in the aforementioned topics.

Image via Press Release

Stoned Beyond Belief arrives on March 19, 2019 in hardcover format. Be sure to check that out in between listening sessions of White Bronco, which currently stands as Bronson's most recent studio album. Ya'll excited for this new Bronson book? For fans of his signature blend of humor, wisdom, and genuine weed knowledge, it seems like an obvious must-have.