Among Action Bronson's frequent Twitter ramblings, the rapper recently revealed the title to his new album.

We'll have to wait for more details on said LP, but Action revealed on Twitter, "The name of my album will be "ROMANIAN WAITRESSES." If Romanian Waitresses is indeed an album on the way, Action definitely has his plate full, having promised Blue Chips 2and another Alchemist collaborative project.

The New York native is heading on the road for the "2 High 2 Die" tour with Danny Brown in September.

[Update: Action Says Title Was A Joke]

Once again, Action Bronson has fooled thirsty rap bloggers (HNHH not excused) into reporting on one of his jokes. After noticing the attention his tweet had received, the rapper quickly cleared the air on the title, and had a good laugh about it.

View his tweet below.