A.Chal "To The Light" Video

Mitch Findlay
April 24, 2017 10:31

A CHAL wanders the desert in his spiritual new clip "To The Light."

Peruvian singer slash producer A. CHAL just dropped "To The Light," the latest video off his upcoming album. In the RJ Sanchez directed clip, A Chal finds himself navigating the desert in what appears to be a spiritual journey of sorts. Apparently, this video stemmed from an impromptu desert road trip, where the director and the singer improvised what ultimately became "To The Light." With a video heavy on religious imagery, A. CHAL's latest captures themes of isolation, guilt, and self discovery. 

When asked about his desire to hit up the desert, A. CHAL stated: 

"From the stories I've read the desert has always been a place where a person would find themselves at their barest human state, on path to what would become a transformational experience. Moses, Jesus, Mohammad, and so on, have all wandered the desert for answers. In this visual we chose the desert, as it symbolically represents where I'm at."


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