Ace Hood seemed to be in a slump for awhile, not finding much success as DJ Khaled's artist, perhaps dismissed too quickly because of the label. Nonetheless, the rapper continued to grind, and has now seen a surge in his rap career, thanks in most part to bangers like "Bugatti" and "Hustle Hard."

Ace payed a visit to The Breakfast Club on Power 105, and discussed his new-found success. He spoke on being DJ Khaled artist, and leaving Def Jam for a deal with YMCMB. As well, he talked about how "Bugatti" and "Hustle Hard" propelled him in rap game.

Before Ace Hood found a hit record or two, he was going broke, something he honestly shared with the public. He commented on how one single in particular, "Hustle Hard," was able to help him get out of his financial situation. "It did wonders for me man, it definitely put a lot of money in my pocket, it kept me on the road, it kept me doing what I love to do, and that was the most important thing for me." He continued, "And we all go through it man, it's just, I'm more open about the things that I've been through, 'cause that's just me. I tell people I'm not a gimmick."

He also called his latest mixtape Starvation 2his "best work so far." He added, "It's a lot of real music on there, and the people are able to relate to it."

Ace explained how his contract ended with Def Jam which is why he found a new label (Cash Money), however there's no ill-will between him and the label. "We chose to take the label situation to another home." He continued, "I'm a lot more happy with the situation I got now, in all honesty, 'cause I'm able to do me. Nobody's calling me forcing an album on me or whatever." Although no one is forcing Ace to get his album done, he said fans can expect Trials & Tribulations to drop in the "middle of the year." 

Finally, he spoke on his more recent record, "Bugatti," featuring Rick Ross and Future, saying it was even bigger than "Hustle Hard." "That's the fastest growing record that I had. And I thought "Hustle Hard" was the most generic record I had. 'Cause that was a record I put out without any record or anything, and it gravitated to the streets. But "Bugatti" was a record that soon as the DJs got it, it seemed like from the first day it was played it was crazy," Ace said.

Check out the full 14-minute interview below.