Ace Hood is getting ready to drop his upcoming album, Trials & Tribulations on July 16th, with the gigantic single "Bugatti", still getting plenty of play. The Floridian rapper stopped by the Jenny Boom Boom show to talk about the single, his new album, and the controversy surrounding Rick Ross' lyrics.

Ace first talked about the success of "Bugatti", indicating that it was clear right away that the song was a hit. Ace said "as soon as Future laid the hook" he knew it was something special. Revealing that "Khaled gave me this look", and the rapper proceeded to go "beast mode on it."

Hood then talked a bit about his status as an "underrated" lyricist, expressing that he feels he will get the recognition he deserves eventually, and that "it just takes time, people just have to listen". The We The Best rapper showed his appreciation for the club driven sounds of today, but feels he would like to bring back a sound that recalls the work of Tupac. "We have music that's 'right now' music", Ace said, adding, "we have fun with it, we listen to it in the clubs," but explained "we don't have the Pacs the Brenda's Babies, the Dear Mama type records. That's the element of music I wanna bring back, more the realness."

Ace indicated that it doesn't take true talent to make it in the rap industry today, but you must possess skill if you want to have longevity. "I think at the end of the day that's what's going to set me apart" he said. He revealed that as far as current rappers, he sees "so few people being here after 10, 15 years." The "Hustle Hard" rapper revealed, "I want to be a Jay-Z in this industry", as wee as mentioning Andre 3000, who he called "an incredible emcee".

As far as features for his new album, the rapper didn't let much go, but did share some details. "I'm gonna get Wayne on the album of course." he said, revealing, "I want to get Kendrick Lamar on the album", who he said was his favorite lyricist in the game. "He's different...his flow patterns, his lyricism."

On the controversial Rocko single "U.O.E.N.O.", Ace came to the defense of his friend and collaborator, Rick Ross. "I love that record", he said, but insisted "we just gotta be mindful of the things we put into this music, and these records cause it has a true effect."

Hood spoke for Ross' character, but his argument quickly became convoluted. I've known Ross since i jumped into this music industry... Ross ain't the type of guy." He then proceeded to argue that "he don't mean it in no way that would be degrading to women", and "what they saying he said, he ain't even say", suggesting that "I just think people are taking it too far."

As far as re-releasing the single without Ross' line, Ace opposed the idea. "no I don't think that, I don't think theys should", and as far as what he would do in the situation, he said, "I don't even know."

Watch the full interview below.