Father's Day is supposed to be one of the best days of the year for all of the dads of the world but for rapper Ace Hood, it was just a miserable Sunday. The Florida-based entertainer made claims against the mother of his children in a video on Father's Day, saying that he wasn't allowed to see his kids, suspecting that their mother's decision was made because of money. 

"The reason I do not have my children today is because the mother of my children wants her story to be right," said Ace Hood in a video. "Which means her story in her mind is that I am not a good father, my children don’t want to spend time with me... I don’t support the kids. Also, I’m never there for the children, so that’s her story in her mind and she wants to tear me down as a person."

The "Bugatti" rapper said that he believes money lies at the core of her decision to shut him out of his kids' lives, but she rebutted and claimed that that's not the case.

"That man owe me $95,000 and he up here talking about, 'It's about money'? Antoine, I been had a house, both of my cars is paid," said Shanice in her response. She also said that Ace and his wife were going this route for a check from Love & Hip-Hop, suggesting that they're fabricating the drama for ratings. 

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