Abra - Roses

  May 22, 2015 15:13
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Check out Abra's latest track, the "lo fi glam pop" "Roses."

Awful Records' Abra has been having a great year. Between throwing impeccable shade in her guest verse on Father's "Gurl" and lending sultry vocals to stunning tracks by KeithCharles Spacebar and Slug Christ/GAHM, she's been working on a new album. Here's the first track from it, "Roses."

Accurately described by Abra as "lo fi glam pop," this '80s-flavored track matches its pastel-colored, faded artwork perfectly. Over a darkwavey bassline (befitting her nickname, Darkwave Duchess) and a beat that's straight out of a New Order song, Abra uses a rose as a metaphor for the bittersweet nature of love. With "Roses"' refrain of "I'm young and I'll waste you away," the thorny flower's never seemed more inviting. 

Quotable Lyrics

But you taste best when you're in full bloom
Laying my teeth, my sweet love trophy
You can't be killed if I rip from the roots
Take it with grace, I'm dumb and I'll chase
I'm young and I'll waste you away

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