It's been three months since TDE's Ab-Soul confirmed he had turned over two projects to the label. Since that time, Soulo also confirmed he'd been working on another project,Longterm 3, however we've received no new updates on the albums he finished. 

We did receive a leak three weeks ago, although it was unclear which project it's off, "Tree of Life." Nonetheless, it's obvious that Soul Brother #2 is getting impatient with the label antics, as he tweeted last night that he's itching to leak his own shit.  We probably wouldn't mind.

Soulo (Hoe) tweeted, "I'm this close to just leakin my shit like its a mixtape...." Hopefully this encourages Top Dawg to get the album roll out in motion, as it's safe to say we're all getting antsy for some new music from the lyrical Third Eye advocate.

For now, you can keep "Tree of Life" in rotation.

[Update: TDE CEO responds on Twitter]

It looks like TDE's CEO, Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith, saw what Ab-Soul tweeted and wanted to alert fans that new content from the rapper is on its way. Earlier today, he responded with tweets of his own: 





Stay tuned for some Ab-Soul news on Monday.