Since the end of September, Ab-Soul has released two new singles, "Huey Knew," featuring Da$h, and "Braille," featuring Bas, suggesting that his next album, DWTW, should be out soon. After all, his last album, These Days..., was released in Summer 2014. Some fans had suspected that TDE was responsible for the absence of Soulo's album -- especially as he had expressed frustration about his place within the label's roster earlier this year. A couple of days ago, however, TDE CEO Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith let his followers know that he was tired of being blamed for the delay of DWTW, and he went on suggest that it was Soulo's own fault that the album wasn't out yet. 

"@abdashsoul & @MixedByAli holding up his album," wrote Tiffith on Twitter, tagging both Ab-Soul as well as TDE's esteemed in-house engineer. "I'm done takin the blame... they need 2 get da mixes right." Tiffith apparently unsatisfied with the DWTW mixes that Soulo and Ali have presented him with, even though he had said that he had received the album's final mixes in August. 

Currently vacationing in the Bahamas, Tiffith also told Soulo and Ali that he wanted the album finished by the time he gets back to L.A. "I just told my bosses (the fans) what the hold up is," he wrote to his two signees. "Now I'm about 2 put my foot down. Have it done when I get back." 

Soulo has now responded to Tiffith giving him a public deadline, and he doesn't seem to be offended with his boss' airing of the label's business on social media. In fact, he seems motivated to deliver Tiffith just what he asked for. He replied to Tiffith's tweet directly, writing, "Yo @dangerookipawaa headed to the stu wit @MixedByAli and @MoosaTDE right now." In addition to Ali, joining Soulo in the studio was Tiffith's own son, Moosa. 

Hopefully Soulo and his team will emerge from the studio with a completed body of work, though Tiffith will likely be the judge of that when he gets back home. In any case, DWTW seems to be almost ready to go. Watch the "Huey Knew" video below.