"Huey Knew," the first single from Ab-Soul's new album DWTW, alludes to the prophecies of Black Panther founder Huey Newton. Ab-Soul recently elaborated on the the track in an interview with HNHH.

"I kinda feel like that time has come back around," he said. "The police brutality you're hearing about, the different issues that we're having with police and law enforcement. I think Huey knew. Pun intended. I think he knew this was coming. I think he was getting ready for this type of thing, then."

"That song had nothing to do with race," he continued. "Absolutely nothing to do with race. 'Even white lives matter when I black out.' And if you study Huey Newton would know that that's where he was trying to go to. He wasn't a black supremacist. The same with Malcolm. They weren't black supremacist."

Watch the video below.

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