Ab-Soul is busy these days prepping an album of the same name, These Days... After dropping off the new cut "Stigmata" two weeks ago, Soulo chose a release date (June 24th) and dropped the album artwork (which portrays Soulo Christ-like sitting in a front of a cross). So far, that's about all we have on the LP, there's no tracklist yet and there's no other leaks apart from "Stigmata." 

Two days ago Soulo hinted at a collaboration in the works with everyone's favorite stoner, Curren$y the Hot Spitta, although it's unclear if the collabo will live on an Ab-Soul project (apart from These Days... he's also working on Longterm 3) or on a Spitta project. Soul does say he's sending "back" his verses to Spitta, making us think it's for Curren$y. Either way, we want to hear the final product. 

Ab-Soul tweeted, "Watch how fast i send Spitta these verses back, i might even smoke a few joints jus cause." Who's with him on that last part (smoke a few joints jus 'cause)?